Meet Elliott

I consider myself a true Washingtonian, born and raised in this area. My family lives nearby which makes it feel like home. My early adult years were spent living abroad in London followed by a yearlong stint of cross-country travels in my classic, green ’68 VW Bug. I am drawn to new experiences, new challenges and love to meet other people to discover their journeys and passions. My style as a photographer has uniquely been formed by my extensive travels, which have provided me so with many opportunities.  In 2012, I was part of a humanitarian trip to Malawi in southeast Africa where I completed a series of portraits called ‘Faces of Malawi.’ These portraits were the basis of an art exhibit that raised over $5,000 in purchases and donations. 100% of all print sales, donations and proceeds went directly to the schools and villages that I had just visited and documented. My proudest achievement as a photographer was giving back to the African children I met and making a difference in their education and day-to-day life. This was the first time I felt that my photography could have a real impact and benefit others.  That two-week trip to Africa had such a positive impact on me that it gave me a new and singular focus: To create meaningful images. Whether it is a company rebranding, shooting headshots for an aspiring entrepreneur or snapping candids of my two little nephews, Evan & Liam, my goal is to go beyond an eye-catching image to showcase the story behind the image. You can always find me with my camera in hand, hanging with my black cat named Tasha, listening to music and drinking coffee. Interested in learning a little more? I’d love to chat with you.  Stop by and let’s have a cup together.

Want to know a little more? 

Well, here are a few fun details about me.

I'm a proud uncle.  

In my spare time, I volunteer. 

Here are some images from my last trip to Malawi.